Spoiled (Closed AU)

Schwarz had always been given everything he had ever wanted. Being the only child and heir to a massive fortune tended to land one in a special position. He was always waited on, pampered, taken almost everywhere he wanted to go,  and played with. By his eighteenth birthday, it became apparent he had a talent for getting in trouble. It wasn’t really that he made trouble, in all honesty he was a sweetheart, but that he was so naive and gullible that he nearly got himself kidnapped. He also often tended to wander off from the maids in town and get lost.

After three of these incidents, his father had finally decided that the skinny, somewhat feminine, albino would need a butler. He needed someone to be a constant companion and to watch over him. For this reason, his father had put out ads asking for anyone who wanted to be a butler. The salary was very high, but the test to become his son’s caretaker was harsh. He had already interviewed and sent out six applicants in the last two hours. One girl had even left the incredibly huge mansion crying. Schwarz sat down the hall, playing with a slinky as he waited for the next person to try for the job to pass by him. He was always curious in what they would look like.

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