Testing subject (Closed AU)

Schwarz had a problem. He had so many things he needed to test and to try out experiments, but he had no testing subject. Of course his real problem was that he had lost touch with reality a while ago, but he didn’t recognize that fact. In his mind, he was a scientist who needed to see the effects of an aphrodisiac on someone, to hear what they sounded like when they moaned, to torment them until they were begging for release. In reality he was an assistant at a lab that mostly tested chemicals and drugs. So unfortunately for a future victim, yet fortunately for him that meant he knew a lot about them. He already had everything set up at home. Of course, naturally, Schwarz was just a bit of a sweetheart who didn’t want to hurt a soul, so he definitely wouldn’t really want to cause a subject pain. His slightly spontaneous nature though, meant he might be fine with doing other things in order to acquire one, like abducting them.

His inner compulsion to find a subject had led him to this point. Waiting in an alley next to a bar for someone to come out who looked promising, he made sure the small sterile syringe he had was still in its case. The chemical mixture inside it was a stable combination of both an aphrodisiac and a sleeping drug. He’d tested a small amount on himself either and it did its job wonderfully. Any large amount would cause the victim to both get aroused and slowly fall asleep. It seemed contradictory, but it worked perfectly for the little albino’s needs. An aroused sleep meant he could stimulate them while they were out, then start testing immediately when they woke up. Once they’d passed out, Schwarz would definitely have them. Slowly pulling it out of the case and making sure the needle head was firmly in place, he watched the door eagerly for his future testing subject.

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