Fledgling (Closed AU)

Schwarz had only been a vampire for a year. He was still considered just a fledgling, the baby of the coven, and probably would be for twenty more years or so considering how long their kind lived. Though he should change that to ‘would have been’ after the events of tonight. The coven and his sire that had taken him in had actually been rather cruel vampires, though Schwarz hadn’t been aware of that. They’d attracted the attention of hunters after outright killing humans for sport, and on this night the onslaught had begun. Hunters had attacked early in the evening and all Hell had broken loose with vampires trying to defend themselves, but they were outmatched as it was a relatively small den of them.

The fledgling had escaped most of the carnage after watching his sire fall, and he was cowering in the corner of a hallway deep within the abandoned church the coven had taken roost in. It seemed he wouldn’t be hidden for long though, as he could hear a screech from down the hall. He shivered and held his head, silently praying that they wouldn’t kill him too painfully.

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