Haywire (closed AU)

Schwarz really shouldn’t have been out of the lab in his current state.A slight sparking from a thin plate wired into his nervous system and brain stem through tissue and bone on the back of his neck was clear indication something was terribly wrong. It had originally started with him volunteering for testing with an obedience implant at a laboratory that created most of the implants in the world. He’d volunteered because they’s offered him food, a place to sleep and money. All a welcome change after being homeless.

After the final sealing of the implant though, part of it overloaded and he’d completely blanked out. By the time he came to his senses, he was in an alley somewhere, in nothing but an over sized shirt. He couldn’t think straight and his pupils were fully dilated as he shuffled down the alleyway, bare feet padding soundlessly against the concrete. Through foggy and erratic thoughts, he couldn’t make sense of where he was. Unaware of the fact that he’d escaped from the lab, and that by this point they’d started hiring people to find him and the billion dollar investment implanted in him, he ambled on, mumbling to himself.

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